Make application trusted

Android OS optimizes battery life by suspending background processes. In order to be able work on background regime the App should be excluded from optimization.

SAMSUNG (Android >= 7)

  1. Settings → «Device maintenance» → Battery
  2. In the Unmonitored apps Section (bottom) Click on «Unmonitored apps»
  3. Click on «Add apps»
  4. Select Application and DONE

SAMSUNG (Android <= 6)

  1. «Settings» → «Battery»
  2. In the App Power Saving Mode Click on «DETAIL» button
  3. Select Application and choose «Turned off»


  1. Open «Settings» → «Security Settings»
  2. Click on «Data Saving»
  3. Click on «Add apps that run in background» and select Application
  1. Go to «Security Center».
  2. Click «Privacy Permissions»
  3. Then «Start up Manager»
  4. And allow the App to start in background.


  1. Open autostart application and enable Application
  2. Open Manager application and enable Application


  1. «Phone Manager» => «Power saving» => «Protected apps»
  2. Make sure that the Application is protected


  1. Open Application => Go to Permission => AutoStart => Enable Application
  2. Go to Settings => Additional Settings => Privacy => Device Administrator => Disable 'Scan third-party apps' and 'Verify apps'.
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